An Appreciation of SILVERSMITH AND DESIGNER Allan Scharff

Alliance is designed to float around its wearer embracing and enveloping the body. The feeling and fit are so flexible the pieces seem as if they are designed with you in mind.

Allan Scharff is another designer who claims natural forms as an inspiration, he can also can talk very eloquently about his own work, weaving words as beautifully as he shapes metal.
“The form is shaped in dialogue with the precious pure metal by simple basic techniques. It is exactly in this meditative state of the craft that the magic happens”
Allan Scharff began his professional career with Georg Jensen at the age of 18, where he earned an apprentice certificate as a silversmith. Throughout his career he has continued to design for the company and has also been  elected as an Associate member of the prestigious English Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths – one of only 100 foreign members.

This neckring in yellow gold is delicate and sculptural yet maintaining a sense of vitality and fluidity, giving an effect of perpetual movement.

As well as producing innovative and idiosyncratic designs for the GJ Living, Allan Scharff is also responsible for the elegant and flowing designs of the Alliance collection.
He follows the principle 'less is more', removing the superfluous and developing a strong but sinuous line to get to the essence of a piece.
 "Our modern life style is so complicated that I welcome everything which could reduce it.”

During the years Scharff has received many awards and his work has been exhibited worldwide. Today Allan Scharff works out of a studio in Copenhagen designing and executing jewellery and hollowware, many of them commissioned pieces.

This innovative design wraps around the earlobe rather than being worn as a conventional clip or stud.
He talks about his approach to working with materials:
"Correctly handled, silver can be encouraged to stretch contentedly, just as our muscles and tendons stretch and relax under the fingers of a skilled masseur" in order to "entice the soul out of the silver."
What better way to describe the beautiful Alliance collection.

Each piece is woven out of a single, lightweight strand of silver.


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