A Touch of Pink

Girly to the core and becoming even more in vogue day by day! For many women, pink can be a hard colour to find in jewellery as there are so many shades, and the cut of a stone can alter the colour dramatically.

Sheldon Bloomfield offers a wide range of stunning and dramatic pinks. Take this pink sapphire and diamond pendant, for example.

Sculpted in 18 carat white gold and set with an enchanting 4.82 carats of pink sapphires and .15 carat of white diamonds, the pendant is unusually in the captivating range of hues it displays. The sleek transition from white to lilac to intense pink means matching it with clothing and accessories is the easiest thing in the world, and the soft colours make it stunning and bold without going anywhere near 'crass' or overpowering. The circular positions of each brilliant-cut stone draws the eye in a similar way to a visual illusion, making it almost as captivating as the wearer.

For those looking to vary a little from the contemporary pink, long-standing favourite rubies are a perfect option.

Sheldon's ruby and diamond pendant shown here is crafted from 18 carat white gold and set with 2.46 carats of luxurious rubies, and .43 carat of white diamonds. The angled arc of rubies gives the pendant a really modern and contemporary feel, giving vibrancy and a new lease of life to a stone that has been used in jewellery for millennia.

The detail of the diamonds positioned jauntily towards the bottom of the circle makes the pendant even more unique and quirky - and certain to be commented upon by friends and strangers alike!

Although first used by the Egyptians, it was the Greeks and Romans who wore amethyst as - wait for it - protection against drunkenness (if anyone would like to test the theory out, may I recommend the St Pancras Grand Champagne Bar in London...or any of the many pubs and bars in Ilkley)!

Today, women don't tend to need such an excuse to wear amethyst - especially not when such a beautiful pendant as this is available. Again crafted in 18 carat white gold, the pendant is set with .89 carat of diamonds, and a breath-taking amethyst weighing 10.29 carats. The simple and crisp cut of the stone means the astonishing colour and unusual shape are enhanced as they so deserve to be. The organic-looking whisps of brilliant-cut diamonds that float around the edge of the amethyst help to draw the eye in, adding an extra element of excitement and prestige to the pendant.

There are plenty more stones in a plethora of pinks, rouges and purples, and to take a peek at some more, or to have a closer look at any of the stones and pendants shown in this post, please do drop in, or telephone ahead to make an appointment.


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